Re-importing Opera 12 Bookmarks into Opera 19, 20 etc

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I’m setting up a new laptop and installed Opera 12 and Opera 20 (since Opera 20 doesn’t properly support bookmarks yet, and I have several thousand in Opera 12). I installed both versions of Opera before I copied across my Opera 12 bookmarks from my old machine.

Now I want to import the Opera 12 bookmarks on the bookmarks bar into Opera 20 (ie the few dozen I use every day). However, I find that the Opera 20 bookmark importer (Opera menu > More tools > Bookmark importer) is greyed out. I assume this is because I installed Opera 20 before I copied my Opera 12 bookmarks across from my old machine, so Opera 20 thinks there were no bookmarks to import.

How do I tell Opera 20 to re-import the Opera 12 bookmarks? ie How can I get it to re-read the Opera 12 bookmarks file so I can import them?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Abuse Chrome

Chrome and Opera 15+ use the same file structure for their bookmarks file. They are interchangeable

  1. Export all your old Opera 12 bookmarks as HTML
  2. Import them to Chrome (portable).
  3. Copy the bookmarks file from Chrome’s profile folder and replace the bookmarks file in Opera 15+ profile folder.

Note to myself: Write a batch and place it autostart to one-way-sync Opera to Chrome

Method 2

The Opera Windows forum has the following answer, thanks to users leocg and defcormax:

Open a command prompt (I do it by opening the Run window and typing
“cmd”, without the quotes);

In the command prompt change directory to the Opera application folder
(on my x64 computer this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera);

Then, in the command prompt type “launcher
–presto-small-prefs-dir={ROAMING_PROFILE_DIR}”, without the quotes, replacing {ROAMING_PROFILE_DIR} with the folder that contains your
Opera 12 profile (ie the folder that contains your Opera 12
bookmarks.adr). For me that folder was C:\Users{MY USER

This will launch Opera 20, replacing the profile with the converted
Opera 12 one.

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
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