Pressing Ctrl + Shift + G opens up my browser

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I use Eclipse and Firefox on Windows 7.

Ctrl+Shift+G in Eclipse is supposed to do a search for references, but instead it does a Google search in Firefox.

Why is this happening, and how can I make it stop?

How to solve :

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Method 1

ClipX a clip board history tool was using the shortcut. I removed the shortcut setting there, and now everything works fine.

Method 2

Open your workspace preferences in Eclipse (Window -> Preferences), and go to the “General -> Keys” category.

There, try to search for “ctrl+shift+g”, to see if this is bound to a command. You can search also for “References in workspace”, to find the command you actually want to execute, and associate ctrl+shift+g back to this one (assuming the problem is only related to Eclipse configuration).

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