on windows 7, vpn'ing to work, how to force all traffic to use VPN?

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right now when I connect to my VPN, my internet is served from my home router, but any requests for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx i.e. my works ip range are served via the vpn connection I believe.

How can I force all traffic to the vpn?

How to solve :

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Method 1

On Windows XP (not what you’re asking, but no 7 here), there’s an option “Use default gateway on remote network” (see the settings of your VPN network, tab “Networking”, “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”, “Properties” again, and finally “Advanced”).

Enabling that (which is the default) will make all traffic go through the VPN.

Method 2

Each time you connect you’d need to change your default route to the route to the VPN. You’d use the route command to do this:

route delete
route add mask

Replacing with the gateway IP for the VPN. Just keep in mind that (obviously) your work can see all your traffic if you do that.

Method 3

That’s not how VPNs work. Once you connect to the VPN, all Internet traffic goes through the VPN. The only exception is local traffic like 10.x.x.x.

It sounds like you are seeing symptoms that make you suspect otherwise. Perhaps someone can help you more if you explain those symptoms.

Method 4

The purpose of a VPN is so that you are on a remote network securely from a remote location. What type of VPN are you using? (IPSec, L2TP, SSLVPN, etc.)

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