Japanese IME on Windows: switch back to romaji input method

All we need is an easy explanation of the problem, so here it is.

There are apparently two ways to work a Japanese keyboard:

  1. type alphabetic characters (romaji) and translate them. ( t+a = ta, t+e = te, and so on)

  2. every key is assigned a single kana (q = ta, w = te and so on).

No one I know uses the second method.

Somehow the IME (on Windows XP) got switched into the second method.

How can I switch it back?

Update: I have restarted the computer in the mean-time, and that put it back to normal.

How to solve :

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Method 1

Try Alt + ` to toggle direct kana input.

On a Japanese keyboard, try Alt + the カタカナ|ひらがな|ローマ字 key (to the right of the space key).
With Windows 7 you get a confirmation dialog in case you accidentally hit this key combination.

Method 2

Okay, figured it out (had to bring it up in a conference call, though):

Alt + [カタカナ] (the key next to the right Alt)

Also, the language/IME toolbar has small toggle buttons (CAPS and KANA), which can be used to toggle Caps-Lock and direct kana input.

Method 3

It’s Ctrl + Shift + Caps Lock.

I have to type more to let me post, so I’ll wish you a nice day.

Method 4

You can also do this by clicking Tools on the language bar, then clicking Properties, and finally choose “Romaji Input” under “Input Method”.

In Windows 8, Click on the language bar – Language Preferences – For Japanese select Options – Input Method – Microsoft IME Options – Advanced – Input Method – Romaji Input.

Advanced Settings for Microsoft IME

Method 5

Under Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options

Go to the “Language” tab, click on “Details”.

Make sure the settings for Japanese are the same as the settings in the screenshot below.

alt text

Method 6

It’s long time since then but for those who still need a countermeasure: You can press combination of Ctrl + Shift + Caps Lock ==> this will switch between Kana input and Romaji input that you may push them accidentally and get angry with the facing situation: Japanese keyboard but no-Japanese typing.

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
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