I cannot start my camera, neither share my screen in Google Meet after upgrading Windows to Windows 11

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Since I’ve upgraded my Windows to Windows 11, I am not able to use the Google Meet.

My camera is OK in other programs, but the message "A câmera está iniciando" is persistent (my language is portuguese).

Moreover, when I try to share my screen, no things occur. I only can share Jamboards, but not my screen.

I have the last version of the Google Chrome, but also tried in Edge and cannot get success.

I’ve checked the permissions, it’s all allowed.

How to solve :

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Method 1

@Rubén and @John, I’ve finally get the right driver in https://support.lenovo.com/vn/en/downloads/ds551550-camera-driver-realtek-sonix-for-windows-11-64-bit-legion-7-16achg6. That worked. Thank you for the assistance.

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