How to display chinese characters on Notepad?

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My notepad won’t show chinese characters, while other programs will.
Why is that?
How to fix it?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Notepad is one of the most basic text editors there is, however, if you go to save as and change the document type to unicode when you save, it should be able to save the Chinese characters.

As for display – I am no expert in Chinese, I just went to Google Translate and copied and pasted a chunk of text, and put it in Notepad – not having any problems here.

Method 2

As Bavi_H noted the issue is that the default font (Lucida Console) doesn’t have chinese characters. He said

If you paste Chinese characters into Notepad, they will appear as boxes, but the correct character codes are stored internally. You can change Notepad’s display font using Format → Font. My computer has three fonts with Chinese characters, MingLiU, MS Hei, and MS Song, maybe your computer has them too.

I noted that Times New Roman works for me.

Method 3

When the Chinese characters appear as boxes, you can go to Control Panel and change the System Locale setting to China PRC. Restart your computer to activate the change and the Chinese characters will appear properly

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