How do I manually sort Chrome's Smart Bar results?

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I use Chrome as my default browser. This includes my browser for work.

We have a trac setup that uses folder paths (see example) for the different projects



I want the ability to manually sort the results that are displayed in the auto-complete.

Chrome displays auto-complete based on the usage history of a web address. Which means that a project that isn’t my main focus is displayed in the url instead of the one that I’ve been using more lately.


  • is the project that I’m not using all the time anymore and is showing up in auto-complete
  • is the project that I am using more often now and want to show up in the auto-complete

I don’t want to delete the alliance from my history, but I do want the ability to be able to manually adjust which project shows up in auto-complete. This will be more usable for me in the future because I’m constantly on different projects full-time and they each have their own area.

I also do not want to delete my history.

How to solve :

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Method 1

Trickery Method

Bookmark the URL you want rated higher. Bookmarks in Chrome’s Omnibox will be prefixed with a Star Icon and are rated higher than the ones marked with a History icon (the clock).

Brute Force Method – Sqlite3

You can manually edit the history file. It’s a sqlite3 file named "History".

Linux: $HOME/.config/google-chrome/Default/

Windows 7: c:/Users/<USER>/Application Data/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default

The 2 main tables you’ll want to address are "urls" and "visits".

Please note the History file is locked when Chrome is running, and you’ll want to make a backup. I believe you need you can jack up the visit counter or alternatively delete the lower priority entry and then re-add it manually.

Search Method

Embed the search engine built into the website and use a keyword within the "Managed Search Engine". Right clicking within most search boxes should list "Add as Search Engine…" in Chrome’s context menu.

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