Desktop LCD monitor which allows backlight to be controlled in software

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I would like to know if there is any standard or feature which allows desktop LCD monitors backlight control setting in software. I would like to know what I should be searching for. This is a pretty common feature of laptop computers, but I’m not able to find an equivilant for desktop/standalone monitors.

I have tried a few ‘sofware only’ solutions which effectively just control the brightness sent to the monitor – not the backlight of the monitor itself.

Of course I can change the setting easily by using the OSD of any monitor but this is not always convienient to change.

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Method 1

The standard is DDC/CI and seems to be widely supported – it may need to be enabled from the monitors OSD (mine was disabled).

softMCCS from allows lots of control but it’s too low level technical for regular use.

Just to control brightness and contrast I’m using (Windows).

Method 2

Try either TwinkleTray (it works for me on Win10 2020) or Monitorian.

ClickMonitorDDC seems to be down/no longer supported.

Method 3

DDC/CI is a quite simple standard that already exists for a long time. However, monitors vary wildly in support and correctness weirdly enough. Microsoft also never bothered to have a ‘designed for Windows’ certificate or something which could have easily fixed the lazy support from manufacturers. One compact utility to try is
Let’s you adjust brightness, contrast, colour and volume (all depending on monitor willingness to cooporate).

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