Create disk image of C drive and run on VMware virtual machine

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I run Windows XP SP3 Pro on my desktop PC and I want to create an image of its C Drive. I’d like to run this image in a virtual machine on VMware.

How can I do this?

  1. Install XP in VMware first – Create a restore point image from the desktop PC and restore that image in the virtual machine
  2. Create a live disk from my desktop’s C drive and run it on VMware.
  3. Any other way?

Possible Solutions:
Creating a Windows Virtual PC image from a Physical machine

How to solve :

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Method 1

I tried it using the answers given in the links above but they did not work properly and people here didn’t understand the problem correctly – so I found a solution myself:

  1. When you copy your C: drive (Windows XP or Windows 7 installed drive) just use Disk2vhd (I got this from the above quoted answer)

  2. Use WinImage tool to convert VHD to VDMK – in the fourth step of the given link, go for the second option, else the first option would create a huge .vdmk image.

  3. Install VMware and use that vdmk file: How to open VMDK File?

Method 2

I’ve done this before using VMWare VCenter Converter which is a free util from VMWare that will convert Windows or Linux computers to a VMWare image. I know this is an old question, but it’s hard to beat the simplicity of this utility.

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