Can mp3 file contain a virus?

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Can avi files contain a virus?

Can mp3 file contain an executable virus?
I mean .mp3 files only (not .mp3.exe , not an .exe renamed to .mp3 and smtg like that).

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Method 1

I suppose it’s POSSIBLE to contain a virus, but it would have to be specifically engineered to exploit a flaw in a specific media player, or in the OS itself when it generates a preview (if it does). Since it usually just shoves the data through a player, I can’t see this happening.

Method 2

The music player doesn’t compile or run any type of executable commands on the OS. So even if a .mp3 had a virus, it can’t be run/executed. So, the answer is no, it doesn’t contain an executable virus (of course, if you wanted to write a music player which could also execute that would be a different matter 🙂 but I don’t think it would be popular ).

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