Can I use a scanner connected to another computer on my computer?

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I have a home server running Windows Server 2008 R2, wich has one multi-functional printer.

I can already use the printer from my laptop (Windows 7 Professional RTM), but can I use the scanner tool from my laptop? If so, how?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Share a scanner / Twain device via TCP/IP in Win32 with the Network Twain Engine

Network Twain Engine is free open source software.

Method 2

You can always use remote desktop connection to remotely log in to the Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. Although that doesn’t mean you get the images scanned directly to your own computer, you can transfer using shared folders on top of it.

Method 3

There are at least several solutions:

1) USB over Network – Allows to share any USB device on remote computer and connect it to your computer over network. Virtual USB device is created on your PC. And it appears like if the remote USB device was unplugged from the remote computer and plugged to your one.

2) Scanner for Remote Desktop – It allows to redirect your locally plugged scanner to your remote Windows session. In other words, you can logon to RDP or Citrix session from your local PC and scan within the session.

I hope it will help!

Method 4

As far as I know there isn’t such function in Windows OS. However You can google for scanner sharing apps (there are some, but works only with some scanners).

Also all in some one printers with network connection have scanner sharing function. For example my HP C6180 allows scanning using web interface.

Method 5

I don’t quite understand how you intend to use the scanner without physically being at the scanner. Don’t you have to be at the scanner to put the document to be scanned on the glass?

Sharing a printer makes sense because the printer is an output, whereas the scanner is an input. You’d have to be at the scanner to use it, but the printer can print and the douments will await your arrival at the printer indefinitely.

However, to answer your question, a program such as RemoteScan can do what you’re looking for. As far as I know, there is no free alternative, and no built-in way to make this work.

Method 6

I ran into an install like this yesterday. If the printer is connected via USB you may be alright. If your printer is connected vie ethernet, well that’s a headache.

If you can scan from the server, meaning the software is correctly installed, then you should be able to share the scanner and connect to it simply via the scanners and cameras section in “My Computer” or whatever that’s called in Windows 7.

Method 7

If you have a Ubuntu PC (or are comfortable setting up one), you can have a printer server with a powerful web-based interface using PHP-Scanner-Server.

It is free, open-source and cross-browser, supports OCR, export to PDF, upload to imgur, etc.

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