Can I replace laptop's optical drive with SSD or other hard disk?

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Can I replace my optical drive with a hard drive? I have an Asus N61J laptop, I have seen some sites on the web that advertise this procedure for Apple notebooks. I would prefer not to have an external hard drive.

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Method 1

The thing with Apple notebooks is that it’s easy to produce one enclosure to fit several (or almost all) models, because it should seal the slot perfectly.

However, there is an enclosure for your model at newmodeUS, which comes at $44.75.

Add a Second Hard Drive (drive size up to 12.7mm in height) to your Asus N43, N53, N61, N71 or N81, N82 Series laptop using your laptop’s optical drive bay.

One additional info though:

Front faceplate/bezel is rectangular and black — the standard faceplate is not an exact match for the laptop. You can also transfer your optical drive’s “original faceplate” to our OBHD caddy.

enter image description here

Method 2

I wanted to do something similar and found this very well researched thread on a forum:

There are just too many tips there to copy-paste here.

Update: Found the SU blog entry as well:

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