Can I make Chrome omnibox autofill prioritize URLs before searches?

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I started encountering this issue after a recent Chrome update. Omnibox autocomplete now returns previous searches before previously visited URLs. This is annoying for me as I’m used to typing in one or two characters of my most frequently visited URLs and hitting enter to access them. Is it possible to return to this configuration?

How to solve :

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Method 1

I’m having this issue as well. This fixed it for me:

  • Go to chrome://flags/#omnibox-drive-suggestions
  • Set the flag “Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions” to disabled


It’s unclear exactly why this works. It appears to be a bug:

Method 2

This is the flag you want to disable:

chrome://flags/#omnibox-group-suggestions-by-search-vs-url = Disabled

Omnibox Group Suggestions By Search vs URL

Group suggestions by major type, search then navigation, except for
the default match which must be first. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome
OS, Android

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