Best srvany.exe for Windows XP and Windows 7?

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What is the best program to use on windows XP and Windows 7 to do what srvany.exe does on windows NT (run a process as a service)?

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Method 1

srvany, of course.

Windows XP and 7 are NT, and the srvany from Windows 2003 ResKit works just fine on them.

Method 2

There is NSSM

Method 3

Windows comes with the SC.exe tool which allows you to directly create and modify services.

Simply go to an elevated Command Prompt and type:

sc.exe create <Service Name> binPath= <Path> DisplayName= <name>

For example, to create a (useless) notepad service, you could use:

sc.exe create MyNotepadService binPath= "C:\windows\notepad.exe" DisplayName= "My notepad Service"

(Please note, spacing after the equals and before the value is important)

You can then start the service from the command prompt using SC start <Service Name> or through the services section of Computer Management.

Method 4

FireDaemon. You have to pay for it but it has a lot of features and works well.

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