After Windows 8 installation I can't access BIOS settings anymore

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Today I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on one of my notebook machines and I noticed that I can’t access BIOS settings if I use the “Shut down” Windows option on Settings/Power menu. If I use the “Restart” option, my BIOS allow me to enter on it’s settings over “F2” again.

Is this happening to someone else? I looked over Windows 8 oficial forum and couldn’t find such event. Is this something foreseeable to the new Windows 8?

How to solve :

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Method 1

This is an artifact of your BIOS is treating Hibernation (S4) Boot and Normal Boot (S5) differently in regards with access to the BIOS menus. The default in Windows 8 for shutdown is a Hybrid Boot (which appears to the firmware as a Hibernation), described at length here: They also describe methods to turn off this behavior, such as disabling hibernation altogether.

Method 2

Shortcut for anyone wishing to do a full shutdown in windows 8 (which will allow you to access the BIOS when powering on afterward). In a command prompt, run:

shutdown /s /t 0

…or just choose the restart option instead (which will do a full shutdown first).

Method 3

There’s different types of restart. A warm restart can skip the bios option and a cold restart (the power button) will always go thru the bios. Apparently whatever software restart option you are using is only doing a warm restart. Try powering off and restarting cold.
(I believe this can happens with other OS’s too.)

Method 4

I had the same problem except that I couldn’t boot in windows 8, because after I wanted to refresh windows 8 instead of re-installing it.the refreshing stuck at “Setting up a few more things 98%”.
imagine this horrifying situation that you can’t boot to the windows nor able to install another OS.
so when Ari Pernik said “BIOS is treating Hibernation” I decided to wipe hibernate.
I did this.

  1. I removed laptop battery
  2. I terned the laptop just by it’s charger
  3. then when the windows installer loaded (in my case when the windows stucks at”Setting up a few more things 98%”) I unplugged the laptop

so after this method I could go to the Bios setting again

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
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