Why does a POST response of 204 (no content) trigger the Angularjs error function?

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I have an Angularjs application that uses $http.post() to make web service calls. The method it calls has a void return type, and it generates a 204 (no content) response code. This goes into the error function that is defined in the .then() callback, and prints “no element found” in the log.

If I return anything from the method, it returns the normal 200 response code.

Why is a success code triggering the error function?

Code as requested:

function myFn(inputData) {
    var d = { data: inputData };
    $http.post("../api/my/serverFn", d)
            function(response) {
            function(response) {
                 // The 204 response goes here.

The requested screenshot:
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How to solve :

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Method 1

AngularJS doesn’t natively consider a 204 response as an error. The investigation revealed that there was in fact an http interceptor in the stack that rejected the promise if the response received had a 204 status, turning the successful response into an error.

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