which service converts element and attr names in AngularJS?

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AngularJS converts element and attr names between HTML markup and JS, replacing dashes with camelCasing, i.e. ‘myComponent’ -> ‘my-component’ (and back). which AngularJS service or function does this?


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Method 1

The actual function that does it is called camelCase() and it is found in jqLite.js which in turn is taken from jQuery.

The use of that function is in the compile stage in directiveNormalize()

The reverse is the function snake_case() in angular.js

Method 2

In the directive definition object has a link function with 3rd parameter for attribute. This has a method $normalize which can do what you want

function link(scope, element, attrs) { 
 attrs.$normalize("my-test") //return myTest

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