What is the complete list of events supported by angular's updateOn property of ngModelOptions?

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The docs say

updateOn: string specifying which event should the input be bound to. You can set several events using an space delimited list. There is a special event called default that matches the default events belonging of the control.

The page mentions a few events: blur, default, submit. Are there any others? Is the full list documented anywhere?

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Method 1

As far as i know, you can bind any available DOM event to the updateOn property. see a full list here.

Having a look at the Source of ngModel, you can see that the options passed to updateOn will get bound to the actual element itself.


Angular Source:

if (modelCtrl.$options.getOption('updateOn')) {
  element.on(modelCtrl.$options.getOption('updateOn'), function(ev) {
    modelCtrl.$$debounceViewValueCommit(ev && ev.type);

Method 2

You can now control for a form (or single form elements) when the
value or the validity is updated. This feature has been available in
AngularJS 1.x but missed in Angular 2+ so far. The following update
options can now be used in Angular 5 forms:

change: change is the default mode. By using this update option the form / form control is updated after every single change.

blur: the blur change mode is only updated the from values / validity status after a form control lost the focus.

submit: updates are only done after form submit.

Full source is here.

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