UI-Router: sequential resolve of parent and child states

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I have two abstract states parent and parent.child, and an activateable state parent.child.grand.

I want parent to be promise resolved before parent.child.grand gets its resolves executed. Why? Because a certain data which comes from the ajax request in the resolve from parent is required inparent.grand.child.

Here’s a gist

Is it possible to sequentially chain the promises of parent to children states without using controllers ?

(parent resolve start -> finish ajax request -> resolve promise -> parent.child.grand resolve start -> finish ajax request -> resolve promise)

How to solve :

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Method 1

I’ve seen a few answers for this but it still wasn’t entirely clear without an example. The docs say:

The resolve keys MUST be injected into the child states if you want to
wait for the promises to be resolved before instantiating the

Here’s the example:

    $stateProvider.state('parent', {
             resA:  function(){
                return {'value': 'A'};
          controller: 'parentCtrl'
       .state('parent.child', {
             // Adding resA as an argument here makes it so that this child state's resB resolve
             // function is not run until the parent state's resA resolve function is completed.
             resB: function(resA){
                return {'value': resA.value + 'B'};
          controller: 'childCtrl'

And you don’t have to inject resA into the child controller.

Method 2

If you add auth to the dependency injection of your grandchild resolve, ui-router will resolve it prior to the grandchild resolve.

['authsrv', 'auth', function(authsrv, auth){}]

Hope that makes sense.

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