UI Router and query parameters

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I built a small search app using Angular, UI Router and Elasticsearch and I’m trying to get UI Router query parameters in the url on the results page.

I’m trying to achieve this


with this

.state('search', {
        url: '/search?q',

and I init searchTerms and $stateParams like this in my controller

vm.searchTerms = $stateParams.q || '';

and then in my search function in my controller I have this

 vm.search = function() {
          $state.go('search', {q: vm.searchTerms});

Everything works fine, until I try to implement the UI Route query parameters. I can still get search suggestions, transition from state to state but search breaks.

I thought I needed to implement Angular $http get params within a config {}, but then I realized I’m JUST trying to get query parameters using UI Router. It seems I have everything setup right with UI Router to get query parameters but … what am I doing wrong?

How to solve :

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Method 1

For query parameters, you should use $state.params instead of $stateParams


    name: 'search',
    url: '/search?q',


function fromCtrl ($state) {
    $state.go('search', {q: vm.searchTerms});


<a ui-sref="search({q:'abc'})">my Link</a>


function toCtrl ($state) {
    this.searchTerms = $state.params.q;

UPDATE: use $transition$ for new versions >= 1.0.0 (PLUNKER DEMO)

The code above is the same for both versions, only you need to change the toCtrl

function toCtrl ($transition$) {
  this.myParam = $transition$.params().q;

If your searchTerms is an object, you can use JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse()

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