Testing for focus an AngularJS directive

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How can you test for focus in an AngularJS directive? I would expect the following to work:

describe('focus test', function(){
    it('should focus element', function(){
        var element = $('<input type="text" />');
        // Append to body because otherwise it can't be foccused

However, this only works in IE, it fails in Firefox and Chrome

The solution by @S McCrohan works. Using this I created a ‘toHaveFocus’ matcher:

        toHaveFocus: function(){
            this.message = function(){
                return 'Expected \'' + angular.mock.dump(this.actual) + '\' to have focus';

            return document.activeElement === this.actual[0];

Which is used as follows:


Note that for focus related tests, the compiled element has to be attached to the DOM, which can be done like this:


How to solve :

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Method 1

Try 'document.activeElement' instead of ':focus'. I haven’t tested it in karma, but $('document.activeElement') behaves as desired under standard jQuery.

Method 2

In Jasmine 2, this is now:

beforeEach(function() {
    toHaveFocus: function() {
      return {
        compare: function(actual) {
          return {
            pass: document.activeElement === actual[0]

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