Test login with protractor on a non angular page

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I am trying to use protractor for e2e testing but first I need to login on a non-angular page. I try to directly use the webDriver as indicated here but it fails.

My e2e test:

describe('angularjs homepage', function() {

  it('should prompt the login page', function() {


My logs:

Running "protractor:all" (protractor) task
Using the selenium server at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub


  1) angularjs homepage should prompt the login page
     TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'find'

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Method 1

You need to use


instead of browser.get for Non-Angular pages. Also, you need to set

browser.driver.ignoreSynchronization = true in the beforeEach() function

I have added a page for non-angular pages. You can refer to the same:

Method 2

This is documented in the protractor website:


under How do I deal with my log-in page?

Method 3

For a non angular page, first use this

browser.ignoreSynchronization = true;

The above line will tell protractor that it’s not an angular page, and you can perform any action on your non-angular page. Now when you are done, and want to move to an angular page use

browser.ignoreSynchronization = false;

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