PapaParse with Angular JS

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Liked the nice CSV parser & unparser of PapaParse. Can any one help me to get this combine with Angular JS.

I like to make PapaParse work in Angular Way. Trying for a solution.

How to solve :

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Method 1

I actually didn’t do anything fancy to load it. Just add it to html file and to my lib folder. In my case: /lib/papaparse.min.js

and to index.html. As usual script:

<script src="lib/papaparse.min.js"></script>

then I just used it in my Controller:

Papa.parse(data, {
    complete: function(results) {

Method 2

You can use value to provide self contained third party libraries.

    .value('yourLib', yourLib);

Then in your controller, or service, you would bring it in the normal way using DI

    .controller('YourController', YourController);

YourController.$inject = ['yourLib'];
function YourController(yourLib) {

   //. . .  

If the third party line is a constructor function, requires it be newed, you may want to create a factory or a provider that has a method that accepts the passes params to the constructor returns a new instance.


After looking at PapaParse, you would want to register it with the angular injector using value.

Method 3

just use a front-end modularization tool like requirejs to load papaParser in the context and call the api in any of your controller or service.

Method 4

Just inject the script url in your index.html & then in your controller, access it as – var Papa = window.Papa;. That’s it! You are ready for further actions!

Note: Use and implement method 1 because this method fully tested our system.
Thank you 🙂

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