ng-repeat show only last element

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I am developing inbox for messages with AngularJs, and I came across one issue: I want to show only last element within ng-repeat. I did some research, and found out that the code below should work.

<div class="inbox" ng-repeat="recipient in messages">
      <span> {{recipient.$id}} <br> </span>
      <li class="inboxItem">
        <span ng-repeat="messages in recipient"> {{messages.sender}} {{messages.message}} <br></span>

However, it does not. Can you guys tell me what am I doing wrong? I thought that array.length-1 should limit ng-repeat to show only the last object in an array.


How to solve :

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Method 1

use angularjs $last in ng-repeat. here is the doc

<div ng-repeat="n in data track by $index">
   <span ng-show="$last">{{n}}</span>

<span ng-show="$last">{{n}}</span> when its last repeat $last will be true otherwise its false so you can use ng-show or ng-if with $last.

here is a sample demo

I think no need of ng-repeat there since you need to show the last element of the array (this is same as @Michael P. Bazos’s answer), to do that:

$ = [42, 42, 43, 43, 50];

print the last value as : {{ data[data.length-1] }}

here is the demo

but if you really need to do with ng-repeat do as this

[data[data.length-1]] create an array only with last element.

<div ng-repeat="n in [data[data.length-1]] track by $index">


Method 2

You could use limitTo filter with -1

Example :

<div ng-repeat="friend in friends | limitTo: -1">

See fiddle

But if you are showing only one element, maybe you want to get rid of the ng-repeat… :

    {{friends[friends.length - 1].name}}

Method 3

Something like this should work.

<div ng-repeat="something in vm.somethings">
  <span ng-show="$last">{{ something.value }}</span>

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