Nested directives – cannot pass args to controller method from child directive in Angularjs

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I’m having some trouble with nested directives in angularjs. I want to call a controller method from a directive within another directive and am trying to pass arguments to it, however they are undefined.

I’m attempting to call remove() with three arguments from selected.html below. It was working before I introduced a parent directive (televisionFilter.js) Can anyone suggest what to do to pass these to the controller?




$scope.remove = function(selectorToRemove, choicesArr, selectedArr){
 console.log(selectorToRemove); //undefined
 console.log(choicesArr); //undefined
 console.log(selectedArr); //undefined


angular.module('app.directives').directive('televisionFilter', function(){
    restrict: 'A',
    templateUrl: 'js/templates/television-filter.html',
    scope: {
      search: '=',
      selectedBrand: '=',
      submit: '&',
      remove: '&'


angular.module('app.directives').directive('selected', function(){
    restrict: 'A',
    templateUrl: 'js/templates/selected.html',
    choicesArr: '=',
    selectedArr: '=',
    remove: '&'


<div television-filter search='televisionSearch' submit="submit()" selected-brand='selectedBrand' remove='remove(selectorToRemove, choicesArr, selectedArr)'></div>


<div selected selected-arr='search.selectedBrands' choices-arr='search.brands' remove='remove(selectorToRemove, choicesArr, selectedArr)'>


  <li ng-repeat="selected in selectedArr" class="filter-autocomplete-list"  ng-click="remove({selectorToRemove:selected, choicesArr:choicesArr,selectedArr:selectedArr})">
  <span class="label label-default label-text">{{selected}}</span> 

How to solve :

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Method 1

The answers suggested in the comments by @charlietfl and @angular_james, although working, exhibit bad angular practice. Calling $parent violates the point of your isolated scope (&). To get it working, you just have to modify the of the middle directive (television-filter.html) as follows:

<div selected selected-arr='search.selectedBrands' choices-arr='search.brands' remove='remove({selectorToRemove: selectorToRemove, choicesArr: choicesArr, selectedArr: selectedArr})'>

Updated plunkr

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