Limit Angular UI-Bootstrap Typeahead to specific object property

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I have the following Angular UI-Bootstrap typeahead working great:

<input class="span2" type="text" ng-model="selectedStuff" typeahead="stuff as for stuff in stuffs | filter:$viewValue"/>

Though, it’s almost working too great. I’m able to display the for the purposes of the typeahead AND select the full stuff object in stuffs. The problem is that my $viewValue is matching all of the properties in stuff instead of just the I’ve tried adding the .name to various places in the typeahead with no luck. Is there a straightforward way to display and match only the .name but still return the entire object?

How to solve :

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Method 1

The typeahead directive from the repo was build to well fit into existing AngularJS ecosystem. This means that this directive tries to re-use as much as possible of syntax, filters and directives already used in AngularJS.

Back to your question – the filtering itself is done by the Angular’s filter filter described here: The mentioned filter’s syntax is flexible enough to limit searches to a selected set of properties:

typeahead="stuff as for stuff in stuffs | filter:{name: $viewValue}"

Please notice: filter:{name: $viewValue}

Working plunk here:

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