Learning angularjs 1.3 , knowing that angular 2 will be released in 1 year

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I’d like to learn angularjs 1.3,but i am having some problems on making up a decision if it is the right time to do so, since angular will be be dramatically changed when the version 2 will be released.

It is worth it to spend the time and energy to learn a framework that we know it is going to change.

what suggestions can the people give me regarding this.

Could you please suggest any other framework, that is easy to learn?


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Method 1

Check this nice reddit topic for this subject.

kogsworth‘s answer is really good and i agree with him.

Of course it’s worth it. The syntax might have changed substantially
between 1.3 and 2.0, but the fundamentals of the framework remain the
same. You’ll have to learn to deal with dependency injection, two-way
binding, directives, services, filters, etc. What you’re learning
today in tech will always become deprecated in the future, but the
time you spent now will help you learn/understand the next big thing.

And the main philosophy behind angular such as declarative style and testable code will not change. It is better to start learning now if you are coming from imperative front-end background.

Method 2

I’ve been giving angular talks in my city and one of the most discussed topics is the migration from angular1 which seems to scare a lot of people. Fear Not!
Angular1 is a mature framework that will be around for some time so it’s worth learning it. If you wonder what should you learn first I’d say the new ECMAScript6 syntax and try to use it in you angular1 project, with that you have half of the migration done.
Of course moving to a new framework will require some work, that’s why I created this angular-migrate library with its corresponding example to make it easier for people to code angular1 apps that will be future-proof.

About other frameworks, I recommend checking Aurelia by Rob Eisenberg, is a beautiful next generation framework very easy to learn.

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