Integrating Angular 4 with an External Bootstrap HTML Template

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I have been an Angular1 developer and recently considering using Angular4 for a new web application project.

With Angular1, I used to purchase an ‘Bootstrap Admin Theme’ which came with well done and consistent CSS and a lot of JS plugins put together which allowed me to focus on the application itself. I used to insert Angular1 code into it in the areas where there was data manipulation and I enjoyed doing that. So I had the best of both worlds.

Is there any way, this could be achieved in Angular2/Angular4, 1) without really missing out the JS plugins the Theme offers and 2) without having to copy the CSS everywhere ?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Yes it is possible but you will have to do ‘some’ tweaking.


  • First of all import all your js plug-ins through npm

    npm install (plug in) –save

  • Then you will have to edit your angular-cli.json to include js plug-ins (js & css)

    “styles”: [“styles.css”],
    “scripts”: [],

    Put the path to styles & scripts in to array

  • Then you should add main template css file in to predefined styles.css

  • Next you should break up your pages in to components (view components and ‘tag’ components).

Now about custom app dev:
Add your custom
– js in to *.component.js
– css in to *.component.css
– html in to *.component.html

(* stands for component name)

et voila…

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