How to store logged in user's info?

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I have angular app, user can login using email/password, and server will return token.

Now I have angular service to keep user’s data, but if page reload, user logged out.

Should I store that token, in order to make further API calls?

How and where I should store that token?

How to solve :

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Method 1

My recommendation is to store the token in local storage, if you are using HTML5. It’s as simple as:

localStorage['clientToken'] = clientToken;

To pass the token back to the server, you can use a HTTP header and a Angular httpInterceptor:

$httpProvider.interceptors.push(function($q, $log, $location) {
  return {
    'request': function(config) {
      config.headers['clientToken'] = localStorage['clientToken'];
      return config;

Some example can be found here.

Method 2

For non HTML5 scenarios, you can use simply cookies. Angular provides nice support of it with help of $cookieStore.

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