how to specify csv file name for downloading in window.location.href

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I am exporting data using javascript to csv. for some reason i am not allowed to use the traditional
<a download="filename.csv" /a>
to set the file name.

I have the following line of code:

window.location.href = "data:text/csv;base64," + csvdata

Where and how can i insert and specify the file name and extension to make it work?

How to solve :

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Method 1

It’s not possible that way, try to emulate the <a href=.. with a click on it like this:

        var csvdata = "Hello World"; //  only for test
        var byteNumbers = new Uint8Array(csvdata.length);

		for (var i = 0; i < csvdata.length; i++)
			byteNumbers[i] = csvdata.charCodeAt(i);
		var blob = new Blob([byteNumbers], {type: "text/csv"});
        // Construct the uri
		var uri = URL.createObjectURL(blob);

		// Construct the <a> element
		var link = document.createElement("a"); = 'myfile.csv';
		link.href = uri;


		// Cleanup the DOM
		delete link;

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