How to setup and use the yOffset property of $anchorScroll in AngularJS

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I use the $anchorScroll-service in AngularJS. It works fine. But I have a fixed navigation bar at the top and the scrolling location goes always x-pixels to far.

Now in the $anchorScroll documentation there is a property called yOffset. According to the documentation it should fix my problem.

I don’t know how to use this yOffset-property however, because this specific part has no example.

How can I use the yOffset-property of the $anchorScroll-service?

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Method 1

There is an example that illustrates how to use yOffset at the bottom of the $anchorScroll documentation.

// offset position by 100px down from the top
$anchorScroll.yOffset = 100;

This is the example plunker

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