How to run userscript(/greasemonkey) after AngularJS library is loaded

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I just want to create some extensions to angular object to make AngularJS debugging more convenient.

But when I run add userscript, it can’t find an angular object. AngularJS library is loaded in the bottom of tag.

UPD: @estus provided right answer, but if you want to use chrome you need to install it via Tampermonkey extension.

You can find final code snippet here.

How to solve :

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Method 1

The fact that Angular is unavailable at the moment when user script runs indicates that Angular is loaded asynchronously, this is quite normal for any SPA (also check that @run-at is not set to document-start, it isn’t the desirable behaviour here).

The usual workaround for user scripts is to watch for the desired variable:

var initWatcher = setInterval(function () {
    if (unsafeWindow.angular) {
}, 100);

function init() {
    console.log('angular', unsafeWindow.angular);

If cross-browser compatibility is not required, then FF-specific can be used instead:'angular', function (prop, oldVal, newVal) {
    if (newVal) {
        // angular is still undefined ATM, run init() a bit later
    return newVal;

function init() {
    console.log('angular', unsafeWindow.angular);

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