How to disable option in Angular JS?

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I have ng-repeat option:

<option ng-repeat="year in data.dateList.year" value="{{}}" ng-disabled="( < 2015) ?  true : false">

You can see ng-disabled="( < 2015) ? true : false"

Why my option is not disabled if less than 2015?

This is my new code:

<div class="itm" ng-repeat="a in range(num) track by $index">
   <option ng-repeat="year in data.dateList.year" ng-disabled="( < formData.beginYear[$index]">

How to solve :

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Method 1

You need to use ng-options here which has way to disable the options

<select ng-model="year"
  ng-options=" disable when ( < 2015) for year in data.dateList.year">


For two input field depends each other, you can do it like below. Main problem was while you were doing comparison it was string, as value attributes convert the value to string format. You could use ng-options that does preserves the dataType of the value & will make more easier while making comparison.


<select ng-model="yr[$index]" 
   ng-options=" as for year in years">

<select ng-model="year" 
   ng-options=" disable when ( < yr[$index]) for year in years">

Demo Plunkr

Method 2

ng-disabled is only meant to be use on input elements:


Angular Docs

Method 3

Use this Code

<option ng-repeat="year in data.dateList.year track by $index" ng-disabled="( < 2015">{{}}</option>

see this code

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