how to customize angular-datatables' style

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I’m new to angular, trying to use angular-datatables library, but don’t know how to control the style of the table, cause they are all angular directives, is it possible I can touch the HTML elements inside? like the example below, how can I remove the text next to search box? Also I’ve read API, couldn’t find how to hide the datatables_info on the buttom.

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maybe I can hide them through CSS, but seems it’s impossible to add placeholder to the input element

How to solve :

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Method 1

Search box text

You can do this in various ways, also by manipulating the injected DOM elements – but the “correct” way would be to alter the language settings. The default language object literal is

var lang = {
    "decimal":        "",
    "emptyTable":     "No data available in table",
    "info":           "Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ entries",
    "infoEmpty":      "Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries",
    "infoFiltered":   "(filtered from _MAX_ total entries)",
    "infoPostFix":    "",
    "thousands":      ",",
    "lengthMenu":     "Show _MENU_ entries",
    "loadingRecords": "Loading...",
    "processing":     "Processing...",
    "search":         "Search:",
    "zeroRecords":    "No matching records found",
    "paginate": {
        "first":      "First",
        "last":       "Last",
        "next":       "Next",
        "previous":   "Previous"
    "aria": {
        "sortAscending":  ": activate to sort column ascending",
        "sortDescending": ": activate to sort column descending"

Change search to "" and include lang as language option :

.withOption('language', lang)

Hide the datatables_info at the bottom

You can disable the table information summary completely by omitting the i flag from the dom option. The default dom setting is lfrtip, so simply


See both solutions in action here ->

add placeholder to the input element

The injected search box is located at .dataTables_filter input. You can use angular.element() or document.querySelector() to manipulate such DOM elements. To add a placeholder to the search box

.withOption('initComplete', function() {
   angular.element('.dataTables_filter input').attr('placeholder', 'Search ...');

add ng-bind or ng-click on the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ button

This is very tricky. The injected elements has nothing to do with angular – I believe it is somehow possible to add a ng-click to an element and then (re)$compile. However, the pagination buttons is recreated each and every time the table is redrawn, so the angularification’ would need to happen over and over. But you can easily facilitate events for the prev/next buttons without std angular directives :

.withOption('drawCallback', function() {
   angular.element('.paginate_button.previous').on('click', function() { alert('prev')} )
   angular.element('').on('click', function() { alert('next')} )             

There is also a page.dt event, fired when the active page changes :

angular.element('body').on('page.dt', function(e, api) {
   console.log('Page #'+(api._iDisplayStart / api._iDisplayLength + 1) +' shown') ;

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