How to create email verification on Firebase simple login

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In angularfire seed project, there is an account registration process using email and password. But how can we verify that the email is not fake? I mean it is without server code, just client code.

How to solve :

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Method 1

Store a token in the database send the same token via e-mail to the client ask them to click a link in the e-mail that passes the token back to a page which marks their e-mail as verified.

Method 2

You can angularjs-fire seed project at this link angularfire_seed_with_reg_confirmation. Some explanation of it here email verification using angularjs+firebase Below is the quote from its readme:

It is AngularJS seed with Firebase backend and a feature for account
registration confirmation via email. This feature can be used as an
alternative for account activation. It is a clone of AngularFire Seed
with additional feature above and also login feature vial social login
ie login with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The account registration differs significantly from the original seed.
We can register for an account just by supplying an email and then
we’ll get a confirmation email about our temporary random password.
The password is recommended to be changed to a memorable one and at
the same time it must also be strong and secure.

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