How to count map size in AngularJS

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I have a map with key values as follows

$scope.items = {
    0={"name": "Jim", "age" : 25}
    1={"name": "Eric", "age" : 25}

if it was an array to count the size I with do:

<div ng-repeat="item in items>

and have the size {{items.length}}

In case of a map I with iterate items as follows:

<div ng-repeat="(id, item) in items">

but how to establish the size?

Any help is appreciated.

How to solve :

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Method 1

One approach is to calculate number of keys in the object using Object.keys:

$scope.itemsLength = Object.keys($scope.items).length;

you can also define a helper function:

$scope.getLength = function(obj) {
    return Object.keys(obj).length;

and use it in template:

{{ getLength(items) }}

Method 2

I suggest to use a filter for this, which can be used across the application:

angular.module('filters').filter('objectKeysLength', [function() {
    return function(items) {
        return Object.keys(items).length;

Then use it:

{{ items | objectKeysLength }}


<div ng-if="(items | objectKeysLength) > 0" >

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