How to change $routeParams parameters?

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Im accessing this url:!/annonser/page=1&

    templateUrl: '/views/search.php',
    controller: "Search"

I would like to get the value of page and change it both in the url and in the routeParams.

To get the page value I have tried

var pageNumber = $;  

and to set it I have tried:

$routeParams ==> {page:5}

None of this works. And the documentation is not really helping me.
How can I do this?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Using $location.path() requires that you can give it the hole path including search params and hash so you would need to parse the url in order to change a single parameter in the middle of the url such as this one /user/:id/inbox/:read then its easier to use:

// given the current url is
// will become

Method 2

Use $location.path() to set new URL path. It will be reflected in routes as well.
You can also just change $ to change your query
Read this documentation$location

Method 3

You can also use the following to clear all the route parameters from the url:

var myParams = new Object();
for(var param in $routeParams){
 myParams[param] = null;

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