How to apply an ng-if (or other conditional) in multiple <td> elements while keeping it DRY

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I want to display a number of <td> elements based on the same condition. I am currently doing that with multiple, identical, ng-if directives, as such:

    <td> Display unconditionally </td>
    <td> Same here... (imagine more columns) </td>
    <td ng-if='myCondition'> Display based on condition </td>
    <td ng-if='myCondition'> And the same </td>
    <td ng-if='myCondition'> for plenty of columns </td>

While this works one can’t help but notice all the repetition. Any ideas on how I could DRY that up?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Use ng-if-start and ng-if-end

      <td ng-if-start="false" >one</td>
      <td ng-if-end >three</td></td>



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