How should I access an element's angularjs $ngModelController in a jasmine unit test?

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I’m currently using"$ngModelController") to get access to the element’s $ngModelController, as in the following example.

describe("directiveElement", function () {
  it("should do something with ngModelController", inject(function($compile, $rootScope) {
    var directiveElement = $compile("<input ng-model="myNgModel" customDirective type="text"></input>")($rootScope);
    var ngModelCtrl ="$ngModelController");
    ngModelCtrl.$modelValue = "12345";
    // do rest of test

However, I want to know if there is a better to access the $ngModelController, or if accessing the $ngModelController is a bad idea?

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Method 1

You could also do directiveElement.controller('ngModel').

I certainly think there are legitimate testing reasons why you would want a handle on this, though the more common way is to get a handle on it through the form (eg.

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