How do I "pull-out" only the dozen icons I actually use?

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I have an angular project that is built using grunt which uses maybe a dozen icons from font-awesome. Currently, I’m including and thus distributing the entire font-awesome library. Is there a way to “pull-out” only the icons I actually use (preferably as part of the build process)?

I’ve seen the icomoon app, and that seems to give me the result I want, but it’s a manual process to update when icon usage changes.

How to solve :

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Method 1

First use Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG to get individual SVG files for each Font Awesome icon.

font-awesome-svg-png --color black --sizes 128 --no-png

Then using grunt-webfont, combine the icons of your choosing (from the SVGs generated in the previous step) into a custom webfont.

For example, if you only want to include icons which have angle- keyword in your webfont, then the grunt task would be like –

webfont: {
    icons: {
        src: 'black/svg/angle-*.svg',
        dest: 'build/fonts'

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