How do I get the value of an input element using angular.element('#id')

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When I’m trying to get the value of input element using angular.element, its returning undefined.
Here is my code:

$scope.registerUser = function() {
    console.log(angular.element('#username').value); // undefined
    console.log(document.getElementById('username').value); // sampleName

How do I get the value using angular.element

How to solve :

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Method 1


You should use val method similar to jQuery’s $.fn.val:


Alternatively you can use value property of the pure HTMLInputELement:


… because angular.element instance is an array-like collection of HTMLElements with every element accessible by its index.

Correct approach

But… You should never read input value like this in context of Angular app. Instead, use ngModel directive and bind input value to angular model directly:

$scope.registerUser = function() {    

where in HTML you have

<input type="text" ng-model="username">

Method 2

This works for me


Method 3

In my angular-7 project, I solved by using these statement.

var field = document.getElementById('elementId'); 
var currentValue= field.getAttribute('value');

Method 4

You can use below options for AngularJS 2+.


Method 5

The same way as in jQuery, for which angular.element is a wrapper/sub:


Method 6

In addition to the above ways,
these may also be used :


Method 7

We can use "ViewChild" Decorator.

import { Component, Input, ViewChild, ElementRef} from '@angular/core';
    selector: 'demo-input',
    templateUrl: 'demo.input.component.html'
export class DemoInputComponent {
    @ViewChild('inputEle') myDOMEle: ElementRef;

       let val = this.myDOMEle.nativeElement.value;
       this.myDOMEle.nativeElement.value = "testing";

In HTML(demo.input.component.html)

<input type="text" #inputEle/>

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