How create an input box having a + and – button in Ionic

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How I can create an input box having a + and – button. Clicking upon which user can change the quantity of product selected, like this screen:

input box having a + and - button

How to solve :

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Method 1

Here’s a quickly thrown together example for Ionic 2. If you are using Ionic 1 you should be able to adapt it pretty easily.

You just need a couple controller/class functions to increment and decrement, then call those on tap from the buttons. This example covers just one button, so something like this wrapped in an ngFor or a <ion-list>


private currentNumber = 0;
constructor () { }

private increment () {

private decrement () {


<ion-icon name="remove-circle" (click)="decrement()">
<ion-icon name="add-circle" (click)="increment()">

Method 2

As for ionic v.1 at your template you could have something like:

<div class="flex_row">
  <button class="button icon ion-minus-circled red" ng-click="sub(item)">
  <p> {{item.quantity}} </p>
  <button class="button icon ion-plus-circled green" ng-click="add(item)">

At your css

    .red:before {
    color: red;

    .green:before {
    color: green;

    .flex_row {
    display: -webkit-flex;
    display: flex;
    -webkit-flex-direction: row; 
    flex-direction: row;

And in your controller

$scope.sub = function(i) {

$scope.add = function(i) {

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