How can I show a count of rows from an ng-repeat?

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I have a table on my web page that is populated with data like this:

<tr data-ng-repeat="row in | filter:isQuestionInRange">
   <td>{{ row.problemId }}</td>

Is there a way that I can put a count of the rows displayed in the table footer. Note that I want to be able to show the rows after that have been filtered not just the row count from the array.

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Method 1

You can store the results of the filter and then get the length of that, for example using results here:

<tr data-ng-repeat="row in results = ( | filter:isQuestionInRange)">
   <td>{{ row.problemID }}</td>

This has the performance advantage of only needing to run the filter once. It’s also handy for other situations where you need both filtered and unfiltered results within your ng-repeat.

Method 2

You could check the length of the filtered array such as:

{{ ( | filter:isQuestionInRange).length }}

Method 3

I suggest that you use the $filter service in your controller, like shown in this example plunk:

$scope.evenNumbers = $filter('filter')($scope.numbers, $scope.isEven);

In your case:

var $scope.filteredRows = $filter('filter')($scope.gridData, $scope.isQuestionInRange);

This way you do the filtering only once and avoid to introduce new scope fields in the template which makes your code hard to test and to understand.

You repeat over filteredRows in your template and {{ filteredRows.length }} gives you the number of visible rows.

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