Handle chunked data sent by Play scala with AngularJs

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I send chunked data with Play Scala 2.2 to the client side like this : Ok.chunked(data)

I would like to use them as soon as they are available on the client side. If I just get the data and print them on .success, they are printed at the same time i.e. when the last data is received.

How can I print them as soon as they are received? Must I use websockets?

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Method 1

Use streaming json library like http://oboejs.com/

Oboe.js is an open source Javascript library for loading JSON using streaming, combining the convenience of DOM with the speed and fluidity of SAX.

It can parse any JSON as a stream, is small enough to be a micro-library, doesn’t have dependencies, and doesn’t care which other libraries you need it to speak to.

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