Force ng-dirty in angularjs form validation

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Doing form validation with angularjs I want to mark all required fields as erroneous when the user click submit.

I am using to style the controls with error. So what I want is to set ng-dirty on required controls (or all controls.. it will be the same for me) when the user submits the form.

Validation is working. I understand why, what I am trying could be wrong, but I found no other way to do the same effect, except something that I think is too complicated to be right.

What I tried was:

<div ng-app>
    <form novalidate>
        <input name="formvalue" type="text" ng-model="formvalue" required />
        <input type="submit" />

How to solve :

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Method 1

Let’s start by adding angular to your jsfiddle by wrapping it in

<div ng-app>...</div>

By default the required field will be validated on input (dirty). If you want to have them validated on submit before any input (pristine), then you can run a function on your submit button that will check for pristine fields and dirty them.

That is what i have done in the example:

You could probably build a reusable solution using custom formatters and validators but this is a simple on off solution.


Simpler again using just classes:

EDIT [as suggested by @XMLilley in the comments]:

Because angular doesn’t provide a $setDirty() method that’s equivalent to $setPristine() we’re triggering the $dirty state by simply updating the $viewValue with the contents of the $modelValue. It changes nothing, but simulates a user having manually entered each $pristine field and messed around with the value without changing anything.

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