For angular google maps how do I remove the polyline?

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For angular google maps how do I remove the polyline?
I’m using angular version 1 with JavaScript in a directive using a templateUrl.

Version: angular-google-maps 2.1.5

This is my current HTML:

 <ui-gmap-google-map center="" zoom="" options="" events="" draggable="true">
        <ui-gmap-polygon path="compatiblePolygon" stroke="polygonConfig.stroke" fill="polygonConfig.fill" fit="true" static="false" visible="polygonConfig.visible" editable="true" draggable="true" clickable="true" events="">

        <ui-gmap-markers coords="'self'" options="marker.options" models="compatiblePoints" idkey="'id'" clickable="true" click="markerClicked">

        <ui-gmap-drawing-manager options="drawingManager" static="false" events="">

This is the img of the polyline drawn that I need to remove:

enter image description here

So far I’ve tried this on click of my clear map button:;

But I then get this console error:

“Cannot read property ‘setMap’ of undefined”

I’ve also tried this:

                   uiGmapIsReady.promise(1).then(function (instances) {
                        const map = instances.reduce(function(previous, current) {
                        scope.mapInstance = map;

but I get this error: map.setMap is not a function

This is my most recent attempt:

              <ui-gmap-polygon path="compatiblePolygon" stroke="polygonConfig.stroke" fill="polygonConfig.fill" fit="true" static="true" visible="polygonConfig.visible" editable="polygonConfig.editable" draggable="polygonConfig.draggable" clickable="true" events="">

                scope.polygonManager = {
                    events: {
                        rightclick: function(polygon) {
                        dblclick: function(polygon) {

How to solve :

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Method 1

Based on the documentation for ui-gmap-polygon:

events: Custom events to apply to the Polygon. This is an associative array, where keys are event names and values are handler functions. See Polygon events. The handler function takes four parameters (note the args are expanding on the original google sdk’s default args):

1. Polygon: the GoogleMaps Polygon object

You can clear the polyline using events attribute of ui-gmap-polygon like this:

$ = {
    rightclick: function(polygon) {

<ui-gmap-polygon ... events="events"></ui-gmap-polygon>

This will cause a right click to remove the polygon from the map. There are also other events you can use to trigger this, and they are listed here:

Look under the Events section

Edit: Here is an example demonstrating this functionality:

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