Display absolute value angularjs

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I am getting a negative number from JSON object. I want to remove “-” form that negative number and only display the absolute value.

Received json:

    "value": -2.34

What I want to show:

The value is: 2.34

How to solve :

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Method 1

You can use angular filter

js file

angular.module('myApp',[]).filter('makePositive', function() {
    return function(num) { return Math.abs(num); }

html file

{{ (-12) | makePositive }}
{{ (2) | makePositive }}


12 2

Method 2

You can use JavaScript supported built-in Math object for getting absolute value.


The Math.abs() function returns the absolute value of a number


Method 3


This will get you the absolute value of any number you put in there, including the removal of any leading zeroes.

Additionally, you can also do this:

parseInt(number, 10)

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