Convert HH:MM:SS to seconds in momentjs

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I have a string with 12 hour formatted time only

var time="12:10:12: PM"

I want to convert this string to seconds.

how can i do this in moment.js?

How to solve :

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Method 1

Try something like this:

moment('12:10:12: PM', 'HH:mm:ss: A').diff(moment().startOf('day'), 'seconds');

returns 43812

Method 2

I was just trying to achieve the same thing. using

This is how I got what I wanted (03:11:23 => 11483 seconds)

myVar = moment.duration(myVar).asSeconds()

Method 3

For mm:ss to seconds

myVar = moment.duration(`00:${'02:00'}`).asSeconds()//mm:ss to seconds

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