compile angular on an element after angular compilation has already happened

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I’m writing a directive and when clicked it loads a html template from the server. How can I get angular to compile this?

EDIT: I should probably mention the template is used for loading into a modal.

How to solve :

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Method 1

You can inject the $compile service and $compile it whenever you want. $compile('<p>{{total}}</p>')(scope) is the example from the docs.

In practice you’ll probably want to do something like this:

//Example as a directive's link function
function link(scope, element, attributes){ = "world";
  template = "<p>hello {{name}}</p>"; //this could come from anywhere

This example appends the compiled contents instead of replacing it:

function link(scope, element, attributes){
  scope.something = "this is bananas";
  $compile("<p>{{something}}</p>")(scope, function(cloned, scope){

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