Change both state and params dynamically in ui-sref

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Using ui-router I would like to set the ui-sref directive dynamically inside an ng-repeat, like so:

<a ng-repeat="step in steps" ui-sref="{{step.state(step.param)}}"></a>

Where steps is an array of “state objects” each with its own state and param object:

var steps = [{state: 'foo', param: {id: 'bar'}}, {...}];

That throws an interpolation error. On the other hand, passing only the state OR param dynamically works great per below:

// Pass only dynamic state works great
<a ng-repeat="step in steps" ui-sref="{{step.state}}"></a>
// Pass only dynamic param works great
<a ng-repeat="step in steps" ui-sref="foo(step.param)"></a>

I tried using ng-click as a hacky workaround but it didn’t play well with the ui-sref-active:

<a ng-repeat="step in steps" ng-click="$state.go(step.state, step.param)"></a>

Is anyone familiar with a good way to pass both state and param dynamically?

How to solve :

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Method 1

I think ui-sref will parse what is inside the ( and ) as an expression.

So all you have to do is this.

<a ng-repeat="step in steps" ui-sref="{{step.state}}(step.param)"></a>

Not sure if the above would work, but that’s the first thing I would try.

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